The strange secrets of Leonardo da Vinci that you did not know until now.

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Leonardo da Vinci is one of the prominent figures in the history of art and science, who has always been able to attract people’s attention and minds with his inventions and creative structures. By using new and creative methods, he has been able to present unique inventions to the world along with painting and drawing. In this article, we will explore important secrets about Leonardo da Vinci and his many inventions. His strange structures, the amazing secrets of life and his way of life are all aspects that have always been studied and tested. Join us to go on an adventurous journey in the world of science and art with this outstanding person and his unique inventions.

1. Brief biography of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the experts and geniuses of his time. He was not only an outstanding painter, but also a scholar, inventor and scientist. His biography contains the story of a multifaceted man who excelled in many fields. He worked in the field of art, science, engineering and architecture and achieved many inventions.

Da Vinci is known as an outstanding painter and his works still survive today. He had a special skill in painting and was able to create real and vivid effects in his work by combining colors and light. But the creativity and genius of da Vinci was not limited to the art of painting. He excelled in other fields as well.

Da Vinci was a great inventor and achieved many inventions. He had some of his important inventions in various fields such as flight, civil engineering, machine building, geology, etc. Da Vinci’s inventions and ideas were ahead of their time in many cases and showed his genius and advancement in various fields.

Also, da Vinci was a great scholar and did deep research in various fields. He worked as a scientist and researcher in fields such as biology, anatomy and physiology. His research and discoveries in these fields also show his genius and interest as a scientist.

Da Vinci was also a prominent architect and was involved in the design and construction of some of the most important buildings of his time. He also excelled in the field of architecture and presented innovative and unique designs. Some of these designs are still recognized as outstanding examples of architecture.

2. Introducing the genius structures of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a great genius in the history of mankind. He was an eminent Italian artist, engineer, inventor and scientist. He was very prominent in various fields such as painting, drawing, urban planning and making inventions. In this part of the article, we will examine some of Leonardo da Vinci’s genius inventions.

Leonardo da Vinci’s genius structures

  • One of Leonardo da Vinci’s genius creations was the flying machine, which was the prototype of the airplane. He had designs for a flying machine that could fly up and spin vertically. This design was very innovative and progressive at that time and had a great impact on the evolution of airplanes.
  • Another structure that Leonardo da Vinci designed was the suspension bridge structure. He sought to build a suspension bridge that could open and close automatically using the laws of physics. This design shows the genius and creativity of Leonardo da Vinci in the field of engineering and construction.
  • Another structure he designed was the mechanical fox structure. The main idea of ​​this structure was inspired by the movement and behavior of foxes. Leonardo da Vinci was able to study and design the mechanics of the fox’s behavior well. This structure also shows the accuracy and detailism of Leonardo da Vinci in designing and building structures.

As a result, Leonardo da Vinci played a very important role in the advancement of science and technology with the inventions and genius structures he designed. His ideas in the field of airplane, suspension bridge and mechanical fox have had a great impact on the evolution of these industries and also show his genius and creativity in the field of engineering and construction.

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3. Strange secrets about Leonardo da Vinci that you didn’t know until now.

1. Da Vinci wrote all his writings in a mirror

Da Vinci’s writings are all written in a mirror, that is, they can be read only when a mirror is placed next to the writings. Some say that because Da Vinci was left-handed, it was easier for him to write with his right hand, and others say that it was because Hide his posts.

2. Leonardo experienced a non-traditional perspective in some of his paintings.

If the painting were to be placed on a wall that would be viewed from more of an angle, it would distort the image to create the optical illusion of the correct perspective from that angle. This state is called anamorphosis. In other paintings, he used “complex perspective” techniques, for example in the fresco “The Last Supper”. Murals or large murals were often viewed from the side or from a distance. Leonardo painted with accelerated foreshortening to correct the angle and distance of the viewer from the painting. He wanted the work to be realistic in all different aspects.

3. Leonardo da Vinci saw and introduced himself as more than a painter.

He described and introduced himself as a mechanical engineer, military engineer, architect, inventor, hydraulic engineer, and philosopher as well as an artist.

4. Leonardo da Vinci never mastered the Latin language

As a child, he did not have much traditional education and was a self-taught person and a student of experience and experiment. Nature was his classroom. He learned to observe, theorize, and then rigorously test his knowledge. His passion for learning can be seen in his annotated and illustrated notes and codes.

5. He believed that sculpture is an inferior art compared to painting and requires less genius.

He felt that sculpture was nobler than painting because it required “less genius” and did not concern itself with “all things intelligible in nature.” He stated that in particular, a sculptor can create his work without regard to color, light and shadow.

6. Leonardo is known for conceiving many inventions that take decades or even centuries to appear for the first time.

The wide range of things Leonardo imagined boggles the mind. Here are just a few of the inventions he is credited with. Most of them were sketched or described in his notes and were never fully realized until centuries later. His dream concepts include the following:

1. Underwater diving suit (similar to diving suit).
2. Armored tank.
3. Adding a car.
4. Continuous.
5. Keyboard.
6. Construction crane.
7. Robot.
8. Flying car.

7. Leonardo da Vinci described his philosophy of art as follows: There are no lines in nature.

Leonardo mastered the sfumato technique, derived from the Italian word fumo (smoke). The artistic technique depicts color tones in infinite gradations between shade and light. In the words of Leonardo, “Between light and darkness, there is infinite variety, because their quantity is continuous.” Leonardo knew from his studies and experiments that rough boundaries and lines cannot be seen by the human eye, and that is why he did not paint them that way.

8. Leonardo was famous for dissecting human and animal bodies.

His anatomical studies began as research to understand the human form for his paintings. His research went beyond informing his art to a full-scale physiological understanding of the body. There was no limit to his level of interest. For example, he would take the human eyeball and dissect it to better understand its function.

9. Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian.

Leonardo loved animals and did not wear clothes made of them. He did not want to harm any living being. He wrote in his notes: “If you describe yourself as the king of beasts, you better call yourself the king of beasts, because you are greater than all of them! Why don’t you help them so that they can give you their children to please your palate, for which you tried to make yourself the tomb of all animals?”

10. Leonardo da Vinci often left art commissions and personal projects unfinished.

The Mona Lisa was a commissioned project for Francesco del Giocondo, a wealthy Medici silk merchant. He never received the painting. Other works, such as the Sforza Horse Monument and the Battle of Anghiari fresco, were abandoned by Leonardo and never completed. Aristocrats and royalty hunted Leonardo down for personal projects that never got started. According to contemporary accounts, later in life Leonardo grew tired of painting and could not bear the “sight of a brush.”

In general, Leonardo da Vinci is one of the great artists and scientists in history, who is known as a genius with his inventions and creative art. By combining art and science, he was able to achieve unique creations that are still effective today.


In this article with the topic “strange secrets about Leonardo da Vinci that you didn’t know until now.” We learned about the creative inventions, biography, introduction of genius structures and interesting mysteries of Leonardo da Vinci. This article shows that Leonardo da Vinci was one of the great geniuses of history and with his creative inventions he was able to play a very important role in the progress of science and technology. He is also known as a professional architect and engineer by designing and building genius structures. This article shows us that Leonardo da Vinci with the inventions and genius structures he designed، He was able to influence history and achieve world fame. He is one of the great artists of history who played an important role in the advancement of science and technology with his ability to draw technical maps and design buildings. With all his inventions and discoveries, Leonardo da Vinci became one of the greatest geniuses in history. He brought science and art to an unprecedented level with the most creative inventions, the design of genius structures and interesting mysteries.

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